What is going on with Meryem Uzerli & Murat Yıldırım show codenamed Courage?

What is going on with Meryem Uzerli & Murat Yıldırım show codenamed Courage?
Entering to the television industry with Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün (The Day My Destiny Was Written) production, O3 Medya has become one of the most popular production companies. This production company is talk of the town with its two important shows (and others not mentioned yet) planned to be on air upcoming season of which the initial settlements with extraordinary pays with the A class actors of Turkey has been done, but none of these has been confirmed yet.  One of the them is a drama show for Start TV code named “Courage” with Meryem Uzerli and Murat Yıldırım in starrings, and the other is a “one man two women” themed love story designed (created) for Halit Ergenç.

O3 Medya, has made a deal with Yağmur & Durul Taylan brothers for the Meryem Uzerli & Murat Yıldırım show. We can say that every single no-named and named best scriptwriter in the business has written a story for the “Courage” show. Last thing we heard is Yıldırım Türker has also written a script version after Kerem Deren, but unfortunately-an agreement on the scenario with company could not been done. As you see, there is not any script written yet about the show planned and announced to be on set on the 15th of September. Since the first day of its announcement, there are numerous buzz about the show’s progress...  Reminding that “with great power comes great responsibility” we would like to tell our readers one hersay that is being told everywhere recently.  

First of all, the first rumour revealed and talked everwhere last week is that Taylan Brothers have left the show and have decided to focus on the costume drama show that has been planned for Halit Ergenç (we heard that a there has also been a story change in that show too).The trigger of this rumour is Taylan Brothers’ recent travel to USA. However, it is very well known that Yağmur and Durul Taylan live and work in USA thus they always travel there.

Nevertheless, known by the industry very well with their habit of being very intend on their business during the show concept and installation process, this sudden travel of Taylan Brothers just as they were getting ready to be on set has led to these break up rumours. Taylans are ecpected to return to İstanbul next week. If everything goes by the plan, we will be hearing about the set news by the end of August. We will wait and see (Let’s wait and see).

Other gossip that has been talked a lot is that the deals of Murat Yıldırım and Meryem Uzerli with O3 Medya will end in August. If the production company does not agree on a script with the actors until that time, both of them will be free. This has been talked so loud industry backstages that one has to be deaf not to hear about it.  Reportedly (word has it that) a major production company has been waiting for the end of this show to be able to have the male starring to partake in an important season’s show of them.

That’s all the word for now… Will 03 Medya try to extend the period of the contract with their cast or have they already made that, or will we be watching the synergy of Meryem Uzerli & Murat Yıldırım, called the “Dream Couple“, in another time? We will soon understand all.

We hope the production company to immediately decide on a good script, to go on set as planned and and we wish the story of “Dream Couple” goes on air on TV screens this season.

We will keep you posted…