Intersection | All proof points to Ali Nejat

Intersection | All proof points to Ali Nejat
Murat's ambush makes Ali Nejat the #1 suspect of Naz's murder 
Episode 28

All the evidence revealed after Naz’s death points to Ali Nejat. Determined to destroy Karasu family, Murat knows that he needs to destroy Ali Nejat so with the traps he set for him, Murat paralyzes Ali Nejat. When there’s nobody to save him, Kaan knocks on a surprise somebody’s door without telling anyone.
There are only 2 people at the mansion who knows what Murat is capable of. One is the paralyzed and mute Tarık, and the other is Neslihan who agreed to Murat’s every request in order to save Umut.
Umut thinks Neslihan left her to be with someone else. Meanwhile, he starts working again for his dream car, with someone unexpected. Gökçe goes into labor. Genco doesn’t want to leave either of them but Gökçe already has her plans in motion.

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