He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not | SERIES PREMIERE

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not | SERIES PREMIERE
The favor Deniz asks İrem is going to change their lives, along with Yiğit's as well
Episode 1

After experiencing a problematic resignation from the café she works at, Deniz continues applying for more jobs. She is already 30, with no real achievement in her life. Her latest interview is at a magazine called ‘Go Flamingo’. A surprise awaits her at the magazine. Deniz receives an e-mail, learning that her first love Chubby Yiğit is coming to İstanbul. The news of his arrival comes as a wakeup call for Deniz and she is beyond excited to meet him. However, when she goes to visit him she is appalled. For Yiğit has transformed into someone entirely different. What’s worse is he walks right by her and doesn’t recognize Deniz; because he’s not the only one who’s changed. When she can’t just face him, she gets an idea. She asks her best friend İrem, who happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, a favor. This favor, however, will change not only Deniz’s, not even just Yiğit’s but also İrem’s life forever!

First episode of ‘Seviyor Sevmiyor’ airs on ATV this Wednesday at 20:00