Never Let Go | Nur wants Fatih's help

Never Let Go | Nur wants Fatih's help
Nur wants to get back at İclal 
Episode 54

Nur gathers all attention by attending Mert’s birthday party after thinking that she’s been invited by Yiğit, which is in fact a set up by Fikret. She can’t convince anyone that she is innocent however what breaks her the most is Yiğit’s reaction. Nur is positive that this is İclal’s scheme and asks Fatih to help her. After hearing about the relationship between Yağmur and Emin, Yaren gets intimate with Emin to hurt Yağmur. Even though this is what he’s dreamed of for years, Emin feels stuck in between. Elmas’s baby is at risk after their verbal fight with Nazan. Following doctor’s advice and staying in bed constantly, Elmas will practically offer Nazan the chance to dominate and this will help Nazan get close to Cahit. Fatih finally figures out Fikret’s message game but it won’t be so easy to explain it.

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