Love for Rent | Love comes back in full force

Love for Rent | Love comes back in full force
Ömer and Defne slowly find their way back to each other 
Episode 60

Will Ömer tell Defne who Pamir really is and why he is really there? Pamir is sure that Ömer will go to Defne about this so he plays his own hand. Who’ll be the next one to find out about this secret?
This new love for rent situation and the thing that happens to Defne brings a series of new surprises. Pamir-Defne-Ömer triangle is breathtaking again. The way Ömer and Defne find a way back to each other is worth seeing and their love takes off once again.
Neriman regrets picking a partner stronger than her. What’s Pamir’s position in this game now? İso is sure about Ayşegül’s love and he doesn’t know what to do. İso’s new friend is a surprise. Great love enjoys struggle because with each setback, love gets stronger.

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