Aşk ve Mavi | Ali saves Mavi despite her betrayal

Aşk ve Mavi | Ali saves Mavi despite her betrayal
Mavi is trapped in the fire started by İlyas 
Episode 2

Mavi stabs Ali during their wedding night. As she is about to flee, her conscience gets the best of her and she call the ambulance for help. The Göreçkis and Mavi’s family who learned the real reason for their marriage are shocked. Ali is taken to hospital and Mavi is sent to custody. Ali’s family is in a greater shock to find out that Ali married Mavi knowing she was Ahmet’s sister. When he hears Mavi is in jail, Ali escapes hospital care and saves Mavi by telling the police it was all an accident.
Mavi returns to the Göreçki residence. Though reluctant, the residents welcome Mavi. Meanwhile, İlyas sets fire to the depot thinking that the Göreçki family caused his father’s death, but he misses one detail: Mavi is stuck inside.

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