Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Zafer and Arif have plans for each other

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Zafer and Arif have plans for each other
Erbay and Admiral have bigger plans as well 
Episode 13

After learning that Zafer is the one who killed his father, Arif now has only one mission: revenge. It won’t be very easy though because Zafer is a man with many connections so his plan has to be perfect.
Tümay is torn between the man she loves and her father. She doesn’t just believe her father is a murderer. She secretly listens to one of her father’s conversations about Arif. The things she hears are shocking. Still, she takes action to stop worse things from happening.
Zafer Erbay knows Arif is on the move to avenge his father’s death and Zafer makes his own move. Ömer is on Arif’s side as always. Good friends fall for Zafer’s ambush.
Admiral is the man who raised Zafer. He tells Zafer that they are designing a military coup and this will be the second step to 27th of May. Zafer is happy with what he hears and he acts immediately to help. His plan aims to antagonize the conservatives and the leftists, and to destroy Arif. Zafer picks someone very important to Arif to realize his plan.

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