Wounded Love | Cevdet agrees to get a divorce

Wounded Love | Cevdet agrees to get a divorce
Azize is disappointed that Cevdet is giving up on their love this easily. 
Episode 3

Cevdet’s real test begins now. We’ll never be able to tell his beloved wife, children and mother that he actually is working for his country. This would mean endangering both their lives and his mission.
Cevdet needs to find the hidden weapons before the Greeks. İzmir and even Anatolia’s future depends on it. Meanwhile, having committed murder in order to keep the weapons, Tevfik doesn’t realize he left an important evidence behind at the mosque.
Vasili cares greatly that Cevdet’s family attends the ball event organized by the Allies.
Azize can’t just get over the fact that his beloved husband returned in Greek uniforms so she wants a divorce. Cevdet accepts this but he has one condition. Azize is hurt that Cevdet accepts her request for divorce easily. His return as a traitor puts his family at risk.

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