Brave and Beautiful | Cesur saves his enemy's daughter

Brave and Beautiful | Cesur saves his enemy's daughter
Cesur decides Sühan is his nemesis's weakest spot 
Series Premiere

As Cesur Alemdaroğlu drives to Korludağ, a small town just outside İstanbul, his mind is occupied with the plan to take back his father’s life. Suddenly, a horse appears, out of control and with its rider. The horse gallops towards the edge of the cliff. Cesur risks his life to save the girl and that’s how Cesur and Sühan meets.
When Cesur finds out that Sühan is the daughter of Tahsin Korludağ, he decides to hurt his enemy using his weakest spot.
Sühan is a well-educated, strong woman who has her own brand and company. She grows flowers in her own soil, produces her brand of perfume SHN and designs her own perfume bottles. Until Cesur walks into her life, she is sure that she’ll marry Bülent and they’ll live a happy life. From the moment Sühan arrives at Korludağ, her life turns upside down.
Hated by everyone, Tahsin Korludağ’s only desire is to settle down and have grandchildren. This creates great pressure on Korhan, Sühan’s older brother. Korhan’s wife Cahide is a greedy woman. She’s willing to go to extreme lengths to own Tahsin Korludağ’s fortune, including killing Sühan.
When Cesur figures out what happened to Sühan wasn’t an accident, he realizes Tahsin Korludağ has another enemy. The things that go down during Tahsin Korludağ’s traditional birthday party will affect everyone’s future.

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