For My Son | Poyraz and Ayşegül at a crossroads

For My Son | Poyraz and Ayşegül at a crossroads
What's the new revelation that concerns Poyraz and Ayşegül? 
Episode 67

Poyraz rushes to Ayşegül about the journalist assassination he witnessed. However, Ayşegül doesn’t believe him. Zülfikar and Meltem are looking for ways to dodge the police at Umman’s place and then find some place to hide. Sadreddin decides to go behind his father’s back in order to partner up with Yavuz. Çınar’s shocking actions, whom Poyraz is going after, creates chaos at the Sayguner house and Ayşegül will question herself upon seeing Çınar’s suspicious behavior. As the truth slowly reveals itself upon Çınar’s custody, Poyraz and Ayşegül come to a crossroads with the new information they have about each other.

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