Endless Love | Kemal and Nihan may have found their proof

Endless Love | Kemal and Nihan may have found their proof
Kemal and Nihan are one step closer to proving Ozan's death wasn't suicide
Episode 43

As opposed to Nihan’s desire to work together regarding Ozan’s death, Kemal has serious concerns. These concerns are proven right when Emir makes his next move. Nihan and Kemal’s cooperation faces exposure to Emir right from the start.
Emir doesn’t lose any time getting back at Kemal for the lesson Kemal taught him through Nihan. Emir targets Kemal’s entire family. With every move, he’ll play bigger.
The notebook that proves Kemal and Nihan’s eternal connection is taken by a member of the Soydere family. With the things to come their way, this notebook will also prove to be the thin red line between death and life for Kemal, as much as it is a symbol of their connection. When Nihan notices the notebook is missing, her fear is for both her daughter and the man she loves.
Nihan and Kemal focus their research on finding the proof that Ozan’s death was murder. When Kemal finds out that the investigation points at Zeynep and he realizes that Nihan has left a great loophole. Both Kemal and Nihan will have to be extra careful in every step they take under Emir’s breath.
Kemal finds out the hard way what lengths Emir is willing to go to stop him. The war against him toys with his family and Kemal will confront Emir about it.
Kemal meets Nihan after finding a solid proof that can come in handy for their investigation. The new information they find about the day Ozan died will turn into the proof they need.

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