Diriliş 'Ertuğrul' | Yet another crisis to survive

Diriliş 'Ertuğrul' | Yet another crisis to survive
Trade business comes to a halt and Ertuğrul has to fix it 
Episode 64

The people are finally at ease and comfortable with their good business and life after a long and difficult period. However, the raid on the carpet trade brings back the crisis. Ertuğrul once again has to sail through this stormy weather. Having just restored peace, he is in yet another dead end with the economic crisis and the pain of his recently fallen comrades. Left in the middle of a thirst for revenge and his political problems, how will Ertuğrul take action?
Ural’s ambitions get the best of him and he risks a lot with his latest raid. Now his next move is obvious: clear all the accusations directed at him. Simon keeps his distance from all these problems but then gets the opportunity to change the course of events. Without a moment of hesitation in taking this opportunity, will he get what he wants?
How will Aliyar survive the chaos he’s currently in? The things he saw petrifies him and he is stuck between his desire for justice and his mercy. The decisions that Aliyar will make and Candar’s surprise offer for Ertuğrul will determine the future for all of them.

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