Mother | Ali's offer paralyzes Zeynep

Mother | Ali's offer paralyzes Zeynep
Ali comes to Zeynep with a difficult offer in exchange for his discretion 
Episode 3

Güneş family takes a step outside their comfort zone with Zeynep and Turna’s sudden arrival. Even though Zeynep knows that the safest place for Turna is her family, she feels stuck due to Cahide’s unending questions about her grandchild Turna. Zeynep is in a dilemma of going somewhere else with Turna and staying and confessing the truth about her.
Hope is long gone for Melek back at Bandırma. Cengiz asks Şule to start arranging the funeral. Şule faces losing him as well unless she does as she is told. Having to choose between Cengiz and Melek, Şule is confused.
Just when Turna thinks everything worked out and she finally has a happy family, she meets someone who knows about her past. Even though she tries to convince that person she is not Melek, the fear of being recognized makes her uneasy.
The information Ali finds out about Zeynep gets him closer to the truth about Zeynep and Turna. With the proposition he makes to Zeynep in exchange for keeping their secret, he makes things a little bit harder for Zeynep.

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