Broken Pieces | Hazal gets arrested for murder

Broken Pieces | Hazal gets arrested for murder
What will Cihan and Dilara do to save her? 
Episode 79

Hazal being taken into custody shocks everybody. As she confesses the murder, Cihan goes after Özgür’s parents with Mithat’s help. Dilara figures out the knife she has isn’t the real murder weapon and she is sure that Harun has something to do with this. They are now miles away from being husband and wife.
Dilara’s silence when Cihan threatens Harun is a complete destruction for Harun. When she tells Harun that she is alone when she’s in fact meeting with Cihan, she doesn’t know she’s being followed. Candan and Asuman are in great danger. Diamond smugglers find them and ask for the diamonds back; but the diamonds are long gone.
Cansu is determined to keep the baby even though it might cost her her life. Deniz starts to come to terms with that. Using the problems he has with his son as an excuse, Burhan meets Cansu for a chat. Cansu gets into his car, not knowing that this ride will change their lives. Meanwhile, Maide has an unexpected guest.

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