Insider | Mestan suspects Sarp's loyalty

Insider | Mestan suspects Sarp's loyalty
Mestan speaks to Celal about his doubts and they start following Sarp 
Episode 8

Sarp is confused when he finds out that Melek is Celal’s daughter. He keeps this information to himself so as not to upset her, also puts some distance between himself and her. Mestan is growing suspicious of Sarp’s loyalty to Celal and he speaks to Celal about it. He gets his permission to follow him around to see if he’s right about his suspicions. Celal sends Mert to Füsun’s diner to fish for some loopholes about Sarp; the same place he warned Mert to stay away from. Yeşim warns Sarp about Melek. She tells him that he is Melek’s new toy and when she’s done with him, he’ll be tossed out. Sarp doesn’t know Mestan follows him everywhere and the tiniest mistake he makes will be the end of him.

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