O Hayat Benim | Efsun risks her life to save Bahar

O Hayat Benim | Efsun risks her life to save Bahar
Efsun does her best to protect Nuran and Bahar
Episode 108

Bahar and Ateş have to risk their lives to save Nuran and this struggle brings them closer. Even though Nuran is saved, it doesn’t seem possible at all for her to reunite with Efsun. When Nuran is delivered to the child services care facility, the foster family is waiting there to pick her up. They have no other option but to drive the family crazy and make them return Nuran. Meanwhile, a new alliance is established back at the neighborhood. Zühal and Seçil make a sneaky plan about Ganimet, determined to walk away without any damage this time. Cemre’s treason is exposed and having understood she can’t stay at the mansion for long now, she turns to Kenan once again. Ateş goes after her after he finds out what she did. Efsun is the only one who can protect her from the impending danger of death.

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