Seviyor Sevmiyor | Tuna leaves Deniz

Seviyor Sevmiyor | Tuna leaves Deniz
What will Deniz do to keep Tuna around? 
Episode 17

Elif explains to Yiğit the reason why İrem introduced herself to him as İrem. She says İrem is confused because of her head trauma. Yiğit doesn’t question her explanation but he is still suspicious so he starts investigating it. Who’s this İrem?
İrem slowly starts remembering. What’s going to happen when she remembers what she was about to do with Yiğit when the accident happened?
Deniz and Tuna’s game of love is ruined when Tuna takes it too seriously and gets carried away. Tuna breaks up with her because he doesn’t want to suffer any more than he already does. What’ll Deniz do now? Removing Tuna from her life completely is not an option.

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