Baba Candır | Haluk and Ece's new partner is a possible threat

Baba Candır | Haluk and Ece's new partner is a possible threat
Their new partner is Ayşegül and she wants Haluk back and all for herself 
Episode 45

Salih starts a new game with Elif and their game is clear: Salih plays the naive husband and Elif plays the evil stepmother, checking all the boxes for endangering both the children’s and Salih’s health. This game angers Nermin the most.
Haluk and Ece sign a new deal with a construction company in their decision to improve their company. Yet the owner of this new partner is Haluk’s ex-fiancé Ayşegül. She wants Haluk back and she comes prepared with all the moves to achieve that.
Ceylan and Emrecan are determined to have a baby but an unpleasant surprise is coming their way.
How will Salih and Elif’s game affect their family lives? Who secretly follows what’s going on their lives? Will Ayşegül ruin Haluk and Ece’s family portrait with her little tricks?

Find out tonight on TRT 1 at 20:00!


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