Kalbimdeki Deniz | Deniz is pregnant

Kalbimdeki Deniz | Deniz is pregnant
She decides to keep it a secret until she makes a decision 
Episode 3

Deniz is crushed with the news of pregnancy. She wants this to stay between the family and Mirat until she makes up her mind. Ece hears the news from Hülya and fears that if Alihan hears it, he’ll go back to Deniz. Same kind of fear hits Şebnem when she sees Alihan looking at his children’s pictures. Diyar realizes Mirat and Deniz are hiding something and fears they might get closer so she puts words into Fikriye’s mouth to unleash gossip. Fikriye is madly jealous of Mirat so she keeps talking about Deniz. Hülya prevenets Alihan’s attempt to hear from his family masterfully. When Ece attacks Müge, she faces risk of expulsion and the shock she puts her mother through causes Deniz to make a sudden decision.

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