Altınsoylar | Oğuz and Burcu's new journey begins

Altınsoylar | Oğuz and Burcu's new journey begins
Burcu runs away from her ex-fiance while Oğuz runs away from the house owner and they bump into each other 
Series Premiere

Oğuz is a young man who grew up at an orphanage. After having troubles finding a job and a place to stay after he leaves the orphanage, he develops a tactic. He detects a house whose owner is away through their piled-up mail and lives there temporarily. He uses everything he finds as if his own. When the last house he breaks into brings him face to face with the owner, he escapes. As he is running away, he crashes into Burcu, who came running from the other street. Burcu is escaping her ex-fiancé who wants to kill her because she broke off the engagement. The duo run into the first quiet street together and lose their tail. However, what happens next triggers a series of events that’ll affect both of them.

Series premiere on Kanal D tonight at 20:00!