The Eighties | Rukiye catches a cold

The Eighties | Rukiye catches a cold
Fehmi delays setting up the heater and Rukiye gets sick 
Episode 200

Realtor Suat encourages the residents to buy summer houses and the residents are thrilled. Fehmi also considers buying. Seyfi also takes action and becomes their neighbor. This situation bothers Fehmi.
Seyfi keeps showing up at Fehmi’s house with new excuses each time. He is shy of going to the bathroom at his own place because Nurten makes him nervous so he keeps coming to Fehmi and Rukiye’s place. Fehmi gets mad. Thinking that he won’t show up if the house is cold and also because it’ll be cheaper, Fehmi doesn’t set up the heater. Yet all the residents are waiting for him to be the first one to set it up so everybody gets cold. Rukiye catches a cold so all of her kids, especially Çağatay, do everything they can to make her feel better.

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