Love For Rent | Ömer and Defne find bliss, for now.

Love For Rent | Ömer and Defne find bliss, for now.
Ömer figures out Pamir's sudden addition into their lives 
Episode 59

After Defne’s last move, Ömer and Defne are on cloud nine and love is in the air! Defne told Ömer her requests and there’s nothing standing between the two anymore. Their love conquers both her demands and Ömer’s vetoes.
The Pamir-Defne-Ömer triangle is critical still. This game should have ended long time ago but there’s still no winner. Who’s it going to be?
Pamir experiences some problems with business. His surprise guest complicates things for him even more. Neriman visits him for their next move in the game, if they still have one. Hulusi surprises Ömer with a visit and the discussion is critical. Ömer is taken aback because of the things Hulusi tells him and he figures out another game that’s been going on. He is enlightened but he is connecting the pieces as well. What’s Ömer looking for?

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