Wounded Love | Colonel Cevdet's real struggle begins now

Wounded Love | Colonel Cevdet's real struggle begins now
Azize and Cevdet go through the toughest times of their lives 
Episode 2

Colonel Cevdet is torn in half between the Greek Army and his family after seeing his beloved wife Azize standing in front of him. Azize, who thought his home was where Cevdet was, is in agony for her love.
The sight on Cevdet in Greek military uniform will change the fate of his mother Hasibe who thought she lost her son for her nation after she lost her husband, of her daughter Hilal who followed her father’s footstep as a patriot, and of Yıldız who’s infatuated with the Greek commander’s son. Another person’s life is turned upside down: Colonel Tevfik who betrayed Cevdet in Thessalonica.
While Azize finds herself thrown in the middle of a love conundrum that feels worse than death, Colonel Cevdet is in for an even greater struggle to take his family back.

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