Wedlock | New Yekta shocks Aylin

Wedlock | New Yekta shocks Aylin
Did Yekta really change or is it all a part of his new plan? 
Episode 33

Yekta’s attitude full of longing and understanding confuses Aylin. She has a hard time going through with her kill order. She can’t help but doubt Yekta’s honesty either.
Zahide, Filiz, Handan and Yılmaz are busy freaking out about how Aylin returned to her old life without any loss whatsoever, while İdil is panicking. It is inevitable that the issue of poisoning will be brought up once again. İdil experiences a miracle regarding her life but because of Aylin, she can’t share the news.
Yekta tries to convince Aylin to bring Duru but he also investigates the man who helped her. All clues lead him to Atlas and he now knows who the enemy is. He’ll either face him or he’ll make him pay for the hell he was put through for months. He is at a crossroads and he has lots of reasons to be the old Yekta. As Aylin tries to control the drama surrounding her, her enemies multiply.

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