Diriliş 'Ertuğrul' | Loaded with new responsibilities, Ertuğrul's authority is challenged

Diriliş 'Ertuğrul' | Loaded with new responsibilities, Ertuğrul's authority is challenged
Ertuğrul now has to juggle more tasks as the leader of his people 
Episode 63

Now the leader of his people, Ertuğrul’s new responsibility as a tradesman puts his people into a new kind of life struggle that they are not familiar with. Hanlı Bazaar, the market place, is not only home to all mercantile activities; it is also a quicksand with professional tradesmen such as Ural and Simon. What kind of unfamiliar steps will Ertuğrul have to take in order to survive in this new environment?
Leader of Çavdaroğlu nomads, Candar is haunted by the unbelievable way his friend and right-hand man Toktamış died. His son Ural, with whom he crossed due to the unfair way he made business at the market, has made himself a human shield in front of Candar against Toktamış’s attack. How will Candar react to Ural’s move? What are the new steps that Ural will take in order to maintain his act?
Ertuğrul’s old enemies (the Shriners) control all activities of the Hanlı Bazaar. Simon is their leader and on the one side they control the regional economy by carrying out the trade businesses, and on the other they try to leave the region defenseless against the Crusaders’ attack.
Ertuğrul rejects the request of his fellow men and this causes a reaction. What will the new council decide in light of all renewed requests? Haçaturyan’s news will give Ertuğrul hope but another news will only add to the fire that’s already been ignited at home.

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