Endless Love | Kemal continues his investigation about Ozan's death

Endless Love | Kemal continues his investigation about Ozan's death
After Emir's intervention, Kemal and Nihan continue questioning Ozan's death 
Episode 42

Kemal is shocked to find Nihan standing before him as he looks for the one who poisoned Ozan. As Nihan is about to explain herself, the real person behind this meeting enters: Emir. Emir has tracked down every step of Kemal’s research and invited Nihan there on purpose so he can give Kemal the answer he wants: the name of the person who killed Ozan. Kemal is shocked and Nihan is disturbed that Kemal is investigating this issue. She tells him to stay out of their business but she grows more uncomfortable by the minute. She thinks Kemal might actually have something to doubt Ozan’s death after all. She’ll find a way to face Kemal again.
After Kemal gets the answers for the poisoning, he continues his research from a channel Emir can’t foresee and actually finds something. Nihan knows she can’t stay away from this. As she follows some of the clues, she’s shaken with more news regarding Ozan.
Kemal is certain that there’s someone passing information about his research to Emir and he makes it his next mission to find the mole. Vildan finds Nihan’s notebook and she is dragged into an inner struggle she didn’t sign up for. The thought that Kemal must know the things she read starts confusing her head.
Kemal and Emir’s battle gets more violent with each day. Kemal takes one step further in his battle against Emir where he’ll take everything from him. He comes up with a plan that involves Nihan. This plan will change every balance in the book, for Emir, for Nihan and for everything else going on. As Emir is busy with a traumatic experience, Kemal teaches a lesson to 2 people. The question is: Is Nihan one of those two people?

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