Gülümse Yeter | Hasan is determined to teach a lesson

Gülümse Yeter | Hasan is determined to teach a lesson
Both families return home but Hasan has a plan to set them straight 
Episode 15

Cem cancels the selling of the Özdemir house and doesn’t hesitate one minute with his decision to remove the Civan’s. When Bahar finds out what’s going on just when she thought she managed to keep Yasemin away from Sarp, she kicks Yasemin and her family out. Cem can’t stop his mother and in his own way, comes up with the solution of returning everything that belons to the Tuğrul name. Ayten and Ahmet are happy to return to their home from the house which they thought brought bad luck; but a surprise awaits upon their return. As Lütfü is busy hiding from Bahar, Nermin and Yasemin are already on their way to return to the Civans. Sick of Neriman’s visits, Hasan is happy that both families returned home but he still means to teach them a lesson. Lütfü and Nermin play a trick on the Civan family in order to get their hands on the money that came from the selling of the house. Yasemin tries to make Sarp jealous by using Cem but she is more jealous when Gül and Sarp grow closer. When Kemal hears from Gül that she is now with Sarp, he loses all hope.

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