Mother | Zeynep and Melek come to İstanbul

Mother | Zeynep and Melek come to İstanbul
Their journey will merge with Zeynep's mother's life after prison 
Episode 2

As soon as Zeynep and Melek set foot in İstanbul, things take a turn for the worse and they are constantly in some kind of danger. Zeynep doesn’t even know that she’s going to have to face her mother who left her years ago.
Gönül goes to Cahide as soon as she gets out from prison. She is determined to keep that promise she made years ago. However, a series of unexpected details will bring Zeynep and Melek’s secret to Gönül’s door.
Upon Gönül’s recommendation, Zeynep decides that the best thing for Melek is to go to her family but a greater danger awaits them there. Can Zeynep and Melek continue to keep their secret?

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