Broken Pieces | Cansu is determined to keep her baby

Broken Pieces | Cansu is determined to keep her baby
Despite her health, Cansu wants to keep her baby but Cihan disagrees 
Episode 78

Cansu’s health gets worse with each day. The doctors tell her there is no option but to terminate her pregnancy. However, Cansu made up her mind about keeping the baby. Cihan is losing his baby and sees that he has no other option but to take her to the hospital to terminate the pregnancy by force.
Dilara finds out her phone has been bugged and blames Harun about this. When Dilara doesn’t believe him, Harun takes Maide’s every legal right and moves her into a care facility. This results in Maide making her final move with the last bit of leverage she has.
Candan is in big trouble once more and she has dragged Asuman in it with her. Cihan learns that it was Burhan who used Özkan and it was Deniz who shot Vedat. Cihan will settle scores with Burhan. Keriman, who’s in love with Burhan, crosses paths with Rahmi once again.

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