Hangimiz Sevmedik | Hale threatens Itır

Hangimiz Sevmedik | Hale threatens Itır
Itır makes a move that'll surprise Tarık 
Episode 12
Itır retreats her request for divorce due to Hale’s threats and Tarık is shocked. When a famous brand asks to partner in on Şener’s blue coffee, something surprising happens and an unexpected someone wants to become partners for his coffee shop. A surprise e-mail only adds to Itır and Tarık’s couple problems. Şener asks for Adile’s permission to marry Ayşen once more and he gets a ‘no’ again. He can’t take this any longer and he puts a ring on Ayşen’s finger despite Adile and Münir. Their surprise engagement shocks the entire neighborhood. Itır and Tarık’s problems are becoming impossible to handle, but Itır has no intention of giving up on Tarık just yet.
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