Seviyor Sevmiyor | İrem's concussion takes her back to 17!

Seviyor Sevmiyor | İrem's concussion takes her back to 17!
After a point, İrem and Deniz start to enjoy their little time travel 
Episode 16

After the accident, Yiğit is fine but İrem is in critical condition. Yiğit rushes her to the hospital and she gets better after immediate care. However, when she wakes up, something unexpected happens. Due to severe concussion, İrem is experiencing some sort of temporary dementia and she doesn’t remember anything starting from her 17. Tuna and Deniz try to keep Yiğit away, for fear that İrem might reveal their secret. İrem and Deniz experience a total time travel back to their 17 and even start enjoying this after a point. Meanwhile, Tuna is keeping an eye on Yiğit and also paying ‘the price’ for his fame brought by the book.
Everything’s going well until a letter written by Deniz’s mother Elif for Yiğit tells all there’s to be known about the secret. İrem runs into Yiğit and tells him stuff that she’s not supposed to. These lead everyone to a point of no return.

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