Kalbimdeki Deniz | Deniz works for a better life against all odds

Kalbimdeki Deniz | Deniz works for a better life against all odds
Deniz is surrounded by women who want her miserable but she doesn't notice them 
Episode 2

Diyar is unpleasantly surprised when Deniz returns home. Ece is increasingly bitter about the things happening to them and the tension between women of the house rises up. Deniz is shaken with news from the police station. When the news about her father hits her too, she understands she doesn’t have the luxury of going into depression so she starts looking for a job. The friendly dialogue progressing between Deniz and Mirat scares Diyar because he might end up on the streets if it ever turns into a romance. Fikriye is also scared and uneasy, who buried her unrequited love for him so she makes a plan. Hülya enjoys seeing Deniz like this so when she finds out someone’s taking care of them, she doesn’t like it. Deniz is so busy fighting for a better life and her family that she doesn’t see the animosity of the women surrounding her.

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