Love For Rent | Will Ömer finally get his second chance?

Love For Rent | Will Ömer finally get his second chance?
Pamir ups his game to get Defne as well 
Episode 58

Is it over or will Ömer survive all of this like he always does? An idea he has changes the course of events. Will he make it all alright and get his second chance?
It is time for the confrontation. They are all alone and there is nowhere to hide. Defne musters up the courage to face Ömer, taking his breath away with her bravery.
Pamir, Defne and Ömer triangle is slowly turning into a mess. Pamir declares war and continues with his plan. What lengths will he go just to keep Defne to himself and Ömer away from them?
Koray has set his own plans into motion to make things alright with Ömer and to join Passionis again. What will Ömer decide? Sinan and Seda’s situation is one first step away but both keep avoiding each other. Who’s going to take that first step? İsmail is broken, but awake from that dream. He now knows the truth. Cevdet and Ayşegül’s problem grows to a point where the neighborhood needs to interfere. With this, İsmail is dragged into a fire that can burn him further. How will he react when he learns Ayşegül is married?
Having forgiven Defne, Hulusi gives Neriman and Necmi a brand new task.

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