Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Kubilay's painting might answer Arif's questions

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Kubilay's painting might answer Arif's questions
The painting answers many questions for Arif 
Episode 11

Arif doesn’t know Zafer’s son Kubilay is a part of his own secret. That is until he realizes a painting Kubilay painted has the answer to this secret. Arif is shocked to see the painting because it answers the question of who his father’s murderer is. Now all Arif has to do is get the proof and avenge his father.
When Işık tells who Tarık’s real killer is, Parkalı and his group will need to make an important decision about Zafer Erbay and it’s going to be quite the surprise for Zafer.
Tümay is traumatized by the things she heard from her cousin Işık. She now suspects both her mother and Arif. The two finally have an argument and they end up having to make a decision. She’ll either keep trusting Arif or they’ll go their separate ways.
Having ambushed Halit successfully, Fethi sets himself a new target. Halit’s father Hüsnü’s good reputation gets his attention and he wants Hüsnü by his side. Yet, Hüsnü is full of doubts.
Ömer looks for a way out of the ambush he’s been dragged into. When his father’s old friend Solaklı contacts to help him, he’ll have a decision to make.

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