Wedlock | Yekta will have to operate on a baby

Wedlock | Yekta will have to operate on a baby
Handan and Yılmaz's baby has a stroke and Yekta is the only one who can save the baby 
Episode 32

Atlas’s plan to put Yekta through the pain of child loss backfires and his real intention is about to get revealed. Yet, Atlas has already designated someone to blame. This is someone Yekta hurt in the past and when that person walks back into their lives, it will wreck both Yekta and İdil.
Handan and Yılmaz’s premature baby has a brain stroke. All of the well-known surgeons are out of the country for a conference. Yekta, who quit surgery a long time ago, will either save the baby’s life or Handan and Yılmaz will lose their baby.
Meanwhile, Atlas is close to taking Aylin and the kids across the border. When Kaan finds out about this and makes his next move, Aylin understands she needs to do something. Not knowing that this will cost her someone she loves, she starts a dangerous game, using Yekta’s own tactics. It is as if they exchanged roles: As Yekta deals with family issues, Atlas and Aylin try to ambush him on both sides.

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