Wounded Love | A journey back home

Wounded Love | A journey back home
Cevdet will find his way back home and back to his love and family
Series Premiere

Cevdet (Halit Ergenç) is a commander in Thessalonica near the end of the Balkan War. He is a brave soldier for his country, a fond lover for his wife Azize (Bergüzar Korel), a compassionate father for his children Ali Kemal, Yıldız and Hilal, and a good son to his mother Hasibe.
With his close friends whom he sees as a brother, they fight for their country but a treacherous thing happens and his life gets turned upside down. He is forced to be apart from his family. Azize has to migrate to İzmir from Thessalonica and Tevfik helps her. At the expense of revealing his feelings for her, he is there for them. Tevfik has a big secret of his own. Azize finds herself living a difficult life with her 3 kids and mother-in-law by her side. She raises her kids in the middle of this wartime and in the absence of her beloved husband. In 1919, Yıldız turns into a beautiful girl who wants to live an elite life whereas Hilal becomes a patriotic young woman. Yıldız attends a ball uninvited, where she falls in love with the Greek lieutenant Leon. Hilal gets herself into trouble writing illegal columns on a newspaper, trying to organize people into civil disobedience. Ali Kemal is a troubled young man with his broken heart and a sad secret he found out about himself. As Azize tries to handle all of her kids and their troubles, she is devastated with the news of Greeks invading İzmir. This invasion, however, will bring back someone they lost years ago, in the most unexpected way.
‘Wounded Love’ is the story of those who are torn between their civic duties and their consciences, those who try to keep their love alive despite all. It is the story of the journey of a family who tries to stay together against all odds, moving away from captivity and into freedom.

'Wounded Love' premieres tonight on Kanal D at 20:00!