Diriliş "Ertuğrul" | The tribe arrives at Karacadağ and a new life begins

Tribe's new settlement will bring new orders to adjust to 
Episode 62- Season Premiere

After leaving his brothers and starting their migration, Ertuğrul brings his people to Karacadağ, where living will get only tougher. Now the leader of his people, Ertuğrul will have to use his mercantile skills as well as fighting well. He’ll make new friends and new enemies at Hanlı Pazar, the heart of the market. Will Simon, a merchant at the market, give Ertuğrul the chance to make money? How will Ertuğrul move to exist in this market where everything is built around gold? How will the Çavdarlar, the largest nomadic tribe nearby, approach Ertuğrul and his tribe’s arrival? Having ruled their tribe with an iron fist, Candar and his son Ural will have to take some measures after Ertuğrul’s arrival changes the dynamics of the market. However, these precautions and Simon’s secret mission will ignite a series of events. Ertuğrul will be left in the middle of betrayal, secret alliances and disorder and he will have to make great sacrifices to maintain his holy trail and his mission.

Diriliş “Ertuğrul” returns tonight on TRT 1 at 20:00!