For My Son | Poyraz investigates the explosion

For My Son | Poyraz investigates the explosion
İsa is in critical condition after the bombing 
Episode 65

Poyraz was about to run away with Sinan but the bus explosion ruins their plans. Poyraz decides to investigate the explosion. Umman family is devastated with the news of İsa and it is time for Bahri and Poyraz to confront. Sayguner family is about to be shaken with a huge tragedy that’ll also mess with Ayşegül’s decisions. Meltem is in solitary. Even though Zülfikar tries to comfort Meltem, he knows she won’t last long in there. The clue Poyraz finds about the attack forces him to make a difficult decision and to make the biggest sacrifice to find those who harmed İsa. However, the move Poyraz is about to make will shock everyone, especially Ayşegül.

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