Endless Love | Kemal and Nihan revisit their past once more

Endless Love | Kemal and Nihan revisit their past once more
Nihan's night out turns into a night of reunion with Kemal 
Episode 41

The recording Kemal listens to over the phone makes him understand that Ozan’s death wasn’t a suicide, it was murder. It is now his mission to prove this to Nihan and to his own conscience. Kemal’s first move goes through Zeynep because the things she knows are too dangerous. On the other hand, Emir is oblivious to the fact that Kemal heard these recordings but when he notices Kemal is still digging for information, he makes a more invasive plan.
Galip is not okay with the idea that Nihan took over the shares for Kozcuoğlu company so he sets her up in order to make Emir pay attention. When Nihan falls for this trap, her biggest test will be against Kemal and her heart, before Emir. As Kemal gets closer and closer to Nihan, his relationship with Asu becomes an even stronger blur.
Kemal goes after the person who got Ozan poisoned as Emir starts an operation of his own to investigate the past. Meanwhile, Kemal’s research is brought to a halt when a surprise person gets involved. When Kemal gets past this name, he’ll get one step closer to the truth.
When Nihan goes out with Eda to have fun, her past reminds her of Kemal and their love. That night, Kemal and Nihan find each other in the same place. When the two face each other, they will both speak their minds and say out loud their ‘forever’s.
When Kemal and Emir make their last moves in their investigations about Ozan’s death, all reality they knew up until then will change for good.

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