Gülümse Yeter | Kemal returns to the hospital for Gül

Gülümse Yeter | Kemal returns to the hospital for Gül
Gül keeps her distance because she's angry with Kemal 
Episode 14

Having cooperated with Lütfü, Cem’s plan to separate Sarp and Yasemin works. Sarp sees Cem kissing Yasemin so he walks away, feeling tricked and fooled. Kemal goes back to the hospital to be closer with Gül. Gül, however, loses all faith in Kemal because he fell for Seçil’s trap. Sarp and Gül grow closer through their heartbreak. Neriman uses the opportunity of Hasan staying home and goes to Civan’s house every chance she gets. With Tevfik living with them now, Hasan is in the middle of a brand new chaos now. Excited to live in a newer and bigger house, Ahmet and Ayten are disappointed still. They are stuck between their constant bad luck and the difficulties that come with a bigger house. As Neriman enjoys going back to her old house thanks to Civans, Lütfü starts working at Cem’s company.

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