Bandits | Hızır's enemies multiply

Bandits | Hızır's enemies multiply
A new gang threatens Hızır's order 
Episode 44

The chaos that’s being created over Alparslan’s life struggle is escalated when İlyas gets kidnapped. Hızır’s enemies have multiplied and the new address for trouble is the Gülmezler gang. The threats they spit out without making exceptions are the tell-tale signs of the bad days that are looming. When Gülmezler gang asks for money from all the table members, they cause tension. It is a time for everyone to be careful, with the exception of Ünal Kaplan who is left with nothing to lose. One of the biggest question marks at this point is how Hızır will build bridges with the government again.
The tension also builds up within the Çakırbeyli household. Hızır will not forget easily about Hayriye’s slap across his face. The anger Handan and Ceylan sustain stands like a huge wall in front of Meryem, who’s trying to keep her family together. The truth Ayşen finds out about will cause a scene that’s going to shock everyone.

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