Mother | Melek and Zeynep's lives intersect

Mother | Melek and Zeynep's lives intersect
Their lives out of order, Melek and Zeynep find each other unexpectedly 
Series Premiere

Melek is the kind of kid who finds happiness in every moment she lives. Zeynep becomes a sub-teacher at Melek’s school and their paths cross this way.
For Melek’s mother Şule, Melek is just a burden. Because of her dependency on her boyfriend Cengiz, she puts up with the way he treats Melek. Yet Zeynep can’t help but notice and she decides to follow her closely. This means tough times are coming for Şule and Cengiz.
Meanwhile, Zeynep is tense with a wedding invitation from İstanbul. The decision she makes will cause her to rethink her relationship with her family.
For Melek, the streets are always safer compared to her home. One night, as she goes for a walk with her rabbit, she gets involved in a situation that’s going to change her life.
Zeynep hears from her application at the university and she’ll finally get to do what she always dreamed of. Yet, she’s about to remember that life is not made up of plans, but rather, it is made up of what happens to us.
One night, Zeynep and Melek’s lives intersect with an unfortunate event. In this dangerous adventure, Zeynep and Melek are unaware of the things that are going to happen to them.

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