Baba Can'dır | Haluk tests Ece's skills as a housewife

Baba Can'dır | Haluk tests Ece's skills as a housewife
Ece's new position at the firm scares Haluk so he comes up with a distraction for her 
Episode 43

Salih doesn’t want to face his kids because they visited him very late when he was at the hospital. His new friend Elif is the one who takes him away from them. However, when they go away together, Nermin and the kids get the wrong idea. As they try to find out who Elif is, they discovery a greater mystery.
Haluk fears Ece might be too powerful after she became vice president at the company after marriage. Therefore, he plays a game of testing Ece’s skills as a housewife. Ceylan is happy that Emrecan started a new job but she can’t leave him alone for too long.
Due to their daily struggles Ece, Emrecan and Egemen forget about their mother’s death anniversary. Having forgiven his kids several times for their neglect, Salih will react differently this time.

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