The Eighties | Murder suspect in Çınaraltı

The Eighties | Murder suspect in Çınaraltı
Unconscious man found in Mesut's coffee shop 
Episode 198

Mesut goes to the coffee shop and finds a man, passed out, on the floor. The neighborhood residents fear he is dead. Suspicions of murder scares people and everyone is curious to find out who the man is and how this happened.
Meanwhile, the residents rush to watch the new TRT 2 stream. Seyfi does his best to make Nurten the first woman to watch the broadcast so that she can show off to other women in her circle. Seyfi’s parrot seems to be a troublemaker for Fehmi and Mesut but when it speaks at a very convenient moment, things get funny.
A man named Taci selling cheese visits Çınaraltı. He becomes the talk of the neighborhood with his local products and his unique marketing style.

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