Love For Rent | Which side will Defne choose?

Love For Rent | Which side will Defne choose?
How will Ömer's kiss affect their future with Defne? 
Episode 57

Ömer kissed Defne in the most unexpected moment. How will Defne react? Passionis is in trouble as there are several meetings and phone calls and panic takes over. Ömer faces a great problem with his new model he named the ‘second chance’. How will Passionis get out of this?
Everybody picks their side. Those who stand by Ömer and those who are in doubt... Sinan is with Ömer as always, doing everything for him to stay unharmed. What about Defne, what’s her choice? Uncle Necmi goes to Ömer as soon as he hears about the problem and his offer is as compassionate as a father’s. Pamir is quiet and full of plans, as always. He tries to turn Ömer’s crisis into his own advantage.
Koray doubts Ömer, and if Ömer sees this, Koray is on the chopping block. Seda finds out Yasemin is Sinan’s ex-wife. How does she feel about this? İso is marching towards the big truth. It’s another phase of difficulty and impossibilities for him; the same feelings that accompanied him his whole life.

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