Back Streets | Colonel takes Ali hostage

Back Streets | Colonel takes Ali hostage
Colonel is determined to put Rıza through the same pain of losing a child as he did 
Episode 413

Colonel Yüksel and his men are at Rıza’s door. Yüksel thinks Kerim is dead and is determined to make Rıza taste the same kind of child loss. Aylin sees on computer that the Colonel has entered Rıza’s house. She barges into the meeting room and informs Rıza, Arif and Faruk and they leave immediately. Colonel’s last remaining force interrupts them on the way and they clash. Meanwhile Mesut, Hüsnü, Selin, Ali, Aylin, Hakan and the others assume position in front of Rıza’s house. Ali is taken hostage by the Colonel. Mesut gathers a small team and goes to help Rıza. Hüsnü tries to figure out how to save Ali. They don’t tell Rıza about Ali for a while but the Colonel has no intention of keeping Ali alive.

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