Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Will Arif keep his promise and go after Kubilay?

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Will Arif keep his promise and go after Kubilay?
Arif made a promise to Tümay's mother Esma about kidnapping Kubilay 
Episode 10

When Arif and the residents of the neighborhood stand between the police and Ömer, there’s huge chaos. Cemil Ateş plans on kidnapping Ömer by taking advantage of this chaos. Arif takes action to get to the bottom of this ambush Ömer is dragged into. Arif has another burden to deal as well. Is he going to be able to keep his promise of kidnapping Kubilay like he promised to Tümay’s mother Esma?
Yıldırım wants to take over the patriotic-idealist foundation upon Zafer’s orders, also taking advantage of Ömer’s absence. Süleyman Özmen objects immediately, drawing all the attention.
Zafer gives in to Tümay’s requests and promises to speak to the newspaper about the news published regarding Ömer. Zafer seems to be realizing his daughter’s wish but Tümay knows he is the one responsible for everything that’s happened.
Having decided to leave home, and with Remzi’s suggestion, Halit starts attending Fethi’s conversation events.
Meanwhile, Fethi is secretly chasing the name list of the crew that organized the gun shipment to Cyprus. He tails Sergeant Halis Demir. Halis knows that he’s going to have to protect what the commander left him with and he’s ready to die for it if he has to.

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