Crossroads | Alara leaves Ateş

Crossroads | Alara leaves Ateş
Ateş punches Alara's father and it ends their relationship 
Episode 9

Alara dumps Ateş after he punches her father. Cahit is filled with a thirst for revenge. As Evren and Gözde use this situation to their advantage in business, Gönenç gets his hands on clues that prove the two have known each other for a long time now. Su tells her mother about her chance to study in the USA but skips the part of going there with Cenk. Su’s preparations to leave upset Kelebek, with whom İpek is more and more infatuated. Ateş feels responsible for what happened to both the hotel and the beach so he talks to Faryalı. Ateş is about to take on a dangerous mission.

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