Wedlock | İdil and Gökhan get married

Wedlock | İdil and Gökhan get married
Their surprise guest will ruin their happy day for them 
Episode 31

Yekta ruins two women’s lives at the same time with his manipulating declarations. Aylin figures out their marriage has been a giant mistake all along and that they were never friends with Miray. This is the point where it’s impossible to tell the good from the bad. As Miray tries to exclude from this equation, she hurts herself even more. As Yekta’s marriage marches to the end, Gökhan and İdil get married and there’s a surprise guest among the audience. İdil’s world comes crashing down with this guest appearance.
Meanwhile, Atlas decides to keep Aylin and the kids away and safe to settle scores with Yekta on his own. However, Aylin makes an unexpected offer and changes the game. She is now a cheated and betrayed woman and all she seeks is revenge.

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