Cesur Yürek | Ömer tries to stop a gun shipment

Cesur Yürek | Ömer tries to stop a gun shipment
Tatar and Enver both make Ömer some offers 
Episode 2

As Ömer Korkmaz consider the offer he’s made by Enver, Tatar Ahmet offers him partnership. Ömer works on getting his brother-in-law Ali out of prison while he also tries to find out what’s really going on about Enver and Tatar’s plans. Ömer and İskender experience some tension because Ömer doesn’t want the boat owners to get involved in trafficking. Is Ömer going to be able to stop İskender’s gun shipment? How will Berrin react to Ömer seeing Tatar Ahmet? Trying to juggle all these problems at once, Ömer will have to pay a difficult price to protect his family and his loved ones.

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